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Crosswind Assist Keeps Your Mercedes Steady

Mercedes-Benz has long been known as one of the technology leaders in the automotive market. When you get behind the wheel of a Mercedes, you know full well that you’ve got brilliant safety technology on your side.


One of the most innovative features to come out recently is the Crosswind Assist. The technology is designed to stabilize your vehicle when dangerous crosswinds are hitting your vehicle.


Crosswinds are particularly dangerous because as soon as you attempt to adjust to a gust with a slight turn of the steering wheel, the gust is gone and you have to counter correct very quickly. Mercedes took it upon themselves to rectify this. Now you don’t need to worry as much about dangerous rogue gusts.


The way the technology works is that your Mercedes will read your steering wheel input in addition to your body motion. At that point, the vehicle uses the brakes, electric power steering and active suspension in order to counterbalance the wind forces.


The Crosswind Assist is very much part of what makes the driving experience of a Mercedes so comfortable, so confident, and so relaxing. So why not stop on by Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead’s location to check it out for yourself?



Mercedes-Benz Unveils Concept IAA Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz vehicles have always transformed the way that people drive their cars. However, with the arrival of the Mercedes-Benz “Concept IAA”, its cars will also transform in ways never imagined.

What does IAA stand for? Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile, and that should provide a clue as to what makes the car so special and innovative.

The advanced technology behind the concept IAA allows it to adapt to any environment. When it reaches a speed of 50 mph, it can change its shape to become more aerodynamic on the road. With a more adaptive design, the IAA concept car can speed ahead in the most optimal way possible.

Improved aerodynamics also means better fuel economy on the road. Technology that keeps money in your pocket is always a sure deal.

In the past, cars that transformed were only seen in movies and television shows. However, Mercedes-Benz is working to make science fiction a science-based reality.