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Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead Hosts Jurassic World Preview for Customers

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe stars in Jurassic World

Last week Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead hosted a private showing of the summer blockbuster “Jurassic World” starring Chris Pratt and the soon-to-be-released GLE Coupe SUV and a variety of other Mercedes-Benz models. The event was a hit as customers thoroughly enjoyed the movie and also got a sneak peek at upcoming Mercedes-Benz models!

Jurassic World Mercedes-Benz Models

Proving just how rugged and capable Mercedes’ G-Class really is, several models made an appearance during the new Jurassic World film. The GLE, Sprinter Van, six-wheeled G-Wagen, and Unimog all premiered in the movie. If the new G-Class is tough enough to survive a dinosaur attack, it can handle just about anything.

Although some may claim Jurassic World’s Mercedes models only appear thanks to product placement, the filmmakers beg to differ. According to The Washington Post, even script writers commented that in real life, it makes sense for the theme park to use Mercedes because of its luxury designs and durable capabilities.

Jurassic World is an upscale theme park, so we wanted one of the most upscale auto manufacturers to be involved in it,” said producer Pat Crowley.

“Unveiling the new GLE Coupé in Jurassic World was a natural fit as we continue our relationship with Mercedes. It really adds to the storytelling,” said other executives.

Believe it or not, the six-wheeled G-Wagen and monster Unimog are real models offered outside of the US as light-armored vehicles and equipment carriers, perfect for dinosaur wrangling. Plus, as evidenced by the GLE, Mercedes can retain a certain level of sophistication while providing unparalleled performance.