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Mercedes-Benz Creates the Vision Van

The future is here… well, at least a preview of it! Mercedes-Benz is pairing up with a tech startup company called Matternet and together they’ve created the futuristic-looking Vision Van.

The purpose of this concept car wouldn’t just be to look good (though it does look really cool) but to also deliver packages. Sure, we already have vans that deliver packages. But the Vision Van would do it a bit differently.

The roof of the Vision Van is actually a launch pad and landing pad… but not for a helicopter, for a drone! Matternet developed Matternet M2 autonomous drones that can pick up and carry a package of up to 4.4 pounds. The drones can travel across 12 miles of sky on just one battery charge! So they’ll have plenty space to roam.

This drone is smart, and even swaps out batteries on its own. It can get all of its information from the Vision Van. This will help in package delivery if the Vision Van is stuck in traffic or cannot access a particular drop-off location. Instead, they can send out their drone!

So maybe sometime soon, you’ll see a Vision Van on the road… or a delivery drone on your doorstep! Isn’t the future grand?

New Mercedes-Benz Golf Car to Go on Sale Next Year

Mercedes-Benz showed off a concept for a high-tech golf cart way back in 2013, and on July 12 of 2016, nearly three years later, the concept became a reality. The Mercedes-Benz Golf Car was built in partnership with golf cart manufacturer Garia and debuted at Royal Troon’s Spectator Village.

The MB Golf Car is the future of golfing. It’s designed in every way to make a golfer’s day on the course easier, from its perfectly angled bag holders for optimum club access to its under-the-seat refrigerator.

Similar in style to a Smart for two besides the door-less sides, the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car was designed to combine golf cart and car for the best of both worlds. The car has an integrated touchscreen that gives information about the vehicle, with updates on power consumption and speed, and the game, including a layout of the course and a digital score sheet.

You can even stream music from your phone via Bluetooth. The car has a street-legal max speed of 30 mph and a range of 50 miles on one charge, so you don’t have to worry about the Golf Car running out of juice. Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz doesn’t plan to release this incredibly cool cart until 2017, once it’s collected market feedback.

Mercedes GLS-Class SUV Praised by Reviewers

Mercedes GLS-Class SUV

Mercedes-Benz is a name strongly associated with the height of luxury and comfort when it comes to automobiles. The brand recently added an S-Class SUV to its lineup — the 2017 Mercedes GLS-Class SUV. Over the course of the past two years, the company has aimed to overhaul the SUV and crossover segment of its lineup, and the result is astonishing. The GLS-Class has reviewers raving over the SUV’s seamless combination of comfort and performance.


The entry-level member of the GLS SUV lineup is the GLS350d, powered by a 255-horsepower diesel engine. After that, the lineup goes GLS450, GLS550, and the range-topping AMG GLS63 powered by a 5.5-liter V8 biturbo engine that cranks out 577 horsepower altogether. That’s a lot of power, and coupled with Mercedes-Benz’s cutting-edge 4Matic all-wheel drive, it seems like these SUVs can conquer just about any terrain the world flings at them. Prices for 2017 models have not yet been announced, but 2016 prices ranged anywhere from $65,500 to $122,000.


The 2017 GLS will also be receiving a face-lift contributing to the overall exterior appearance of the vehicle, and according to reviewers, something as simple as a name change can spell bigger sales for a vehicle because buyers tend to think the car is new. In addition, the GLS-Class SUVs will be equipped with a system called Active Body Control, which controls body roll and helps the GLS feel lighter and less cumbersome when taking curves. Obviously, the vehicle’s driving experience benefits from this advanced technology, which allows for a more comfortable ride.


The Mercedes GLS-Class SUV combines luxury with performance, delivering the functionality and capability of the SUV and crossover class in the form of top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz engineering and quality. Quality you can trust. It’s no wonder that reviewers throughout the industry have fallen in love. What’s stopping you from checking out this awe-inspiring work today?

2016 Mercedes GLC300 SUV Praised for Great Quality

The Mercedes GLC300 SUV is now available, and that means the former GLK’s spiritual heir is open to be test-driven and reviewed by industry critics. So far, everyone seems to love the GLC300, particularly focusing on its plush interior and luxurious driving experience. Plus, with a price tag of under $40,000 for the entry-level trim with rear-wheel drive, the GLC300 is unusually affordable for a member of the luxury SUV segment.

The large windows and thin pillars of the GLC300 provide excellent visibility and lend an extra air of spaciousness to the already roomy and comfortable interior, which offers premium comforts and amenities such as soft-touch, padded seats, and upscale insulation against wind and engine noise. Plus, since the GLC300 uses the luxury sedan C-Class as a base, that sensation of smooth, car-like maneuverability and performance extends to the SUV. It’s apparent that Mercedes didn’t hold back when making this masterpiece.


The Mercedes GLC300 SUV is, overall, highly customizable, with a number of standard and available features and luxuries. These include everything from standard forward collision warning with automatic brakes to optional leather seats, though the high-quality brown leatherette upholstery comes with the vehicle. That would be too good to pass up on.

Mercedes-Benz-Nintendo Partnership Resurfaces

It’s not often we hear about the Mercedes-Benz-Nintendo partnership but when we do, it usually brings an interesting marketing move with it. That’s certainly true with the newest addition, centering on the Mercedes-Benz GLA, Super Mario Maker, and Mario Kart 8. The latest tactic targets adults who grew up with Mario in their youth.

The game and auto makers started their partnership off right with free downloadable content,(or DLC), for Mario Kart 8. The free DLC include a 1957 300 SL Roadster sports car, a 1934 W 25 Silver Arrow formula racing car, and the modern GLA.

The Super Mario Maker course, titled “Mercedes-Benz Jump’n’Drive” takes the player through a dealership, taking a test drive through the city, and hitting the Autobahn! Once a player completes the level, a Mercedes-Benz GLA with Mario in the driver’s seat is unlocked.

This isn’t some shoddy, half-hearted marketing ploy either. Mercedes-Benz put their heart and soul into designing the Super Mario Maker level.

“While we received a lot of positive feedback on the campaign and the integration of our cars into Mario Kart 8, we also learned that many gamers are skeptical about brands appearing in their games,” said Caroline Pilz, head of product placement and fashion sponsoring. “So we made sure to put a lot of effort and passion into designing the actual level.”

We here at Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead are proud to see free, fun content that anyone can enjoy!

Mercedes-Benz Vision Concept: Autonomous Van Technology

The new Mercedes-Benz Vision Concept is causing quite a stir. This sleek multi-purpose vehicle looks like its straight out of the future, with a contoured silhouette and metallic exterior. Though little is known about this model, we can’t wait to see how it performs.

According to Carscoops, the Vision made its premier at the Tokyo Motor Show, taking the form of a high-tech minivan. Described as “autonomous, luxurious, and progressive” and
a vision for future generations” by Mercedes-Benz. This car will have the latest in automotive technologies.

This autonomous van concept is truly one of a kind, made to work as a passenger vehicle, not commercial. Not only is the design progressive, but under the hood this model is a plug-in hybrid set-up with a lithium-ion battery, hydrogen fuel cell, and electric motor powertrain.

The exterior is somewhat reminiscent of old Citroen concept vans, but we like to think it also takes design cues from the DMC DeLorean from “Back to the Future.” We’re excited to see how this model performs on the actual road.

Who knows, maybe if you accelerate to just the right speed something spectacular could happen.

Going to the future is what we mean by that, in case you missed it.