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Mercedes-Benz M-Class Achieves 20-Year Milestone

The Mercedes-Benz M-Class was unveiled in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 20 years ago. It has long served as an off-road SUV unlike any other and it has quite a portfolio. The popular SUV was designed for drivers who wanted a combination of luxury and off-road prowess that they simply couldn’t get in other brands. That led to the Mercedes-Benz M-Class achieving its 20-year milestone.

The Mercedes-Benz M-Class launched in May 1997 as an off-road SUV with exceptional ground clearance, all-wheel drive, and plenty of interior space. There are few models to this day that can match the off-roading ride comfort and exceptional design.

The original 1997 W 163 Mercedes-Benz M-Class features an independent front and rear suspension and permanent all-wheel drive. It also came equipped with an Electronic Traction System that, when combined with the suspension, could increase safety and stability on any surface.

Unlike many automakers, Mercedes-Benz wasn’t afraid to innovative with a versatile concept. It paid off with the second-generation M-Class touching down in the 2005 model year. That model featured an enhanced suspension and unibody construction that further increases torsional rigidity and comfort.

Today’s Mercedes-Benz M-Class launched in 2011 and immediately received praise from throughout the industry. The sheer level of luxury, off-road capability, and improved efficiency made it an off-road SUV that stood out from the competition with ease.

We here at Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead are happy to see the M-Class continuing to prove its metal as a premier luxury off-roading SUV.

Muhammad Ali’s bejeweled Mercedes-Benz selling for Charity

There’s no denying that Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest boxers of our time, but did you know he also owned a bejeweled Mercedes that was as flamboyant as his personality?\

Nicknamed the “Golden Angel Wing,” Ali’s ride was a 1959 Mercedes-Benz 220S worth more than most of us make in a lifetime. It features 270 precious stones and jewels, including diamonds, and 23-karat gold flourishes on the bumpers, grill, headlamp assembly, all the knobs and switches, and even the accelerator pedal. We’ve got some luxurious cars here at Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead, but none quite like that!

As you might expect, he didn’t really drive the car. The mileage on it is not much more than 500 miles and Ali only owned it for about two years in the 1980s after it was gifted to him. However, he did say he wished for it to be used or displayed to “benefit mankind” after he passed it on.

He’s going to get his wish, as Muhammad Ali’s bejeweled Mercedes-Benz is estimated to be worth around $1.5 million and will go up for auction, with the proceeds going to fight global world hunger.

That’s a way to pay it forward in honor of a visionary this world always looked up to.

Mercedes-Benz-Nintendo Partnership Resurfaces

It’s not often we hear about the Mercedes-Benz-Nintendo partnership but when we do, it usually brings an interesting marketing move with it. That’s certainly true with the newest addition, centering on the Mercedes-Benz GLA, Super Mario Maker, and Mario Kart 8. The latest tactic targets adults who grew up with Mario in their youth.

The game and auto makers started their partnership off right with free downloadable content,(or DLC), for Mario Kart 8. The free DLC include a 1957 300 SL Roadster sports car, a 1934 W 25 Silver Arrow formula racing car, and the modern GLA.

The Super Mario Maker course, titled “Mercedes-Benz Jump’n’Drive” takes the player through a dealership, taking a test drive through the city, and hitting the Autobahn! Once a player completes the level, a Mercedes-Benz GLA with Mario in the driver’s seat is unlocked.

This isn’t some shoddy, half-hearted marketing ploy either. Mercedes-Benz put their heart and soul into designing the Super Mario Maker level.

“While we received a lot of positive feedback on the campaign and the integration of our cars into Mario Kart 8, we also learned that many gamers are skeptical about brands appearing in their games,” said Caroline Pilz, head of product placement and fashion sponsoring. “So we made sure to put a lot of effort and passion into designing the actual level.”

We here at Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead are proud to see free, fun content that anyone can enjoy!