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Deciphering the Mercedes Class System

GLA-Class - Mercedes-Benz Class System

Since last year, all of the new Mercedes-Benz models have been given names using a new nomenclature. The new classification system consists of several letters and numbers which explain exactly what you’re getting when you drive off the lot.

According to Car and Driver, any Mercedes after 2014 follows this new system:

  • A-Class – Hatchback
  • B-Class – Compact/Multi-Purpose
  • C-Class – Wagon, Sedan, and Coupe
  • CL(S/A)-Class – Four-door Coupe
  • E-Class – Executive Wagon, Coupe, and Sedan
  • G-Class – SUV (previously M-Class)
  • S-Class – Luxury Sedan
  • SL(C/K)-Class – Roadster

S-Class Description - Mercedes-Benz Class System


  • “c” – compressed natural gas
  • “d” – diesel
  • “e” – electric/plug-in hybrid
  • “f” – fuel cell
  • “h” – hybrid
  • “4MATIC” – all-wheel drive

Essentially, all you have to do is take the core “Class” and add it to the sub-category. For example: the ‘S 500 e’ is an electric luxury sedan and the ‘E 350 d’ is a diesel sedan. The number indicates the size of the engine in liters multiplied by 100. So the ‘E 350 d’ has a 3.5-liter engine.

Mercedes also changed the M-class models to the G, GLS, GLE, GLC, and GLA models. The letter “G” indicates that it is an off-road/SUV model, and the last letter indicates which model it is closest to. For example, the 2016 GLS is a luxury SUV and the GLE is a mix between a coupe and an SUV.

Although older Mercedes-Benz models don’t follow this system, you can figure out how new Mercedes are classified just by looking at the names.

New G550 Night Star Edition Prepares for US Market Release

Mercedes-Benz releasing limited edition G550 Night Star Edition in the USThe G550 might be the least Mercedes-Benz-looking vehicle you’ve ever seen, especially if your predominant image of the brand is of a sleek sedan lit by scenes of suave nightlife. However, that’s not to say it’s not an impressive vehicle; in fact, quite the opposite. This enormous G-Wagen comes with a rugged exterior style and great performance, after all.

Now, the G550 might be making a special trip over to the States. The G550 Night Star Edition is destined for an American release sometime in the near future. The announcement is a rarity, as Night Star editions are usually reserved for vehicles on the Eastern market. The new Night Star edition will come with a two-tone paint job, Designo Black and Mystic White colors mixed together.

The vehicle also comes with impressive eighteen-inch black wheels. On the inside, you’ll find tons of leather appointments and upholstery, making the inside just as upscale as the outside. If you want to check one of these babies out, though, you’ll have to stake your claim soon—the brand will only make 100 of the Night Star editions. In fact, they’ll mark each one with a plaque marking its number.

Come see us at Mercedes of Buckhead to learn more today.

Mercedes-Benz Entry Level Coupe: Headlights on Audi and BMW

Mercedes-Benz Entry level Coupe with use MFA platform like the CLA-Class
Mercedes-Benz Entry level Coupe with use MFA platform like the CLA-Class

Competition has always been heated between the German automakers, especially Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. One market Audi and BMW are in that Mercedes is not is the small, entry level coupe. Audi, with the TT, and BMW, with the 2-Series, have had one less competitor to worry about – until now. Mercedes seems to be prepping to enter the fray.

The Mercedes-Benz entry level coupe will supposedly hit roadways in 2020. Officially unnamed, the coupe will ride on the second generation MFA platform. You can also find the MFA platform in the A-, B-, CLA-, and GLA-Class vehicles.

To compete with the Audi TT, the coupe will fit four occupants and have more than 12 cubic feet of trunk space with all four passengers in the car. Mercedes is putting emphasis on daily practicality so more trunk space is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Specifications are slim but odds are a front wheel drive and four cylinder gasoline and diesel engines (joint development by Mercedes and Renault-Nissan) will fill out under the hood. Of course, an AMG-tuned model will follow with a turbo 2L four cylinder that can rock 400 hp.

If rumors are true, expect to see the coupe at a 2017 or 2018 auto show as a concept car. If it goes on sale in 2020, we’ll see it as a production model in 2019.

While the entry level coupe is still a few years off, you can stop in to Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead to see what else Mercedes-Benz has to offer in terms of style, speed, and luxury.