Top 5 Christmas Movies on Netflix Right Now

Pop the popcorn! Warm up some hot chocolate! Take a break from Christmas shopping and settle into the holiday spirit with one of these excellent Christmas movies on Netflix.




Is there really any better way to tell Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” than with Bill Murray in the 1980s? Murray plays a jaded television executive who gets a reality check when the ghosts of Christmas pay him a visit. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll want to watch it again next year.


‘Christmas with the Kranks’


If a good laugh is what you’re after, the Kranks are your people. Watch as Tim “the Toolman” Taylor—er, that is, Tim Allen—and Jamie Lee Curtis try to skip Christmas in favor of a Caribbean cruise. Leaving their traditions behind is not as easy as they expect.


‘The Ref’

Christmas movies on Netflix

Another fun and slightly less traditional Christmas movie, “The Ref” is Kevin Spacey’s holiday black comedy.


‘Love Actually’


It’s hard to believe “Love Actually” is over ten years old. This comedy-drama features an outstanding cast (including The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes) and follows several endearing plotlines. It’s a new classic you’ll want to add to your annual viewing list. Oh, and good luck getting character Billy Mack’s song “Christmas is All Around” out of your head.


‘Fireplace For You Home’


If you want to set a mood without setting yourself up for too much distraction, why not just play Netflix’s ambient fireplace video? With a little Christmas music in the background to accompany it, this video is sure to make gift wrapping all the merrier.

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